March 2023

2023 National Conference

Please join us for the second National Conference of the Coalition for Life-Transformative Education (CLTE) and our first in-person event.

CLTE encourages conference attendees to participate in-person. Engaging face-to-face with colleagues and peers after so much time apart allows for natural networking, connection and fellowship. In-person attendees will benefit from full access to keynote speakers and other presenters, breakout sessions, networking opportunities, and more.


Open to everyone


Two day conference with a
key note speaker each day


Arizona State University


March 13-14, 2023


The CLTE is a growing coalition of diverse but like-minded institutions that are aimed at higher education’s “grand challenge.”  Over the past decade, colleges and universities have focused their efforts on student success as measured by increased graduation rates and reduced time to degree. These efforts have led to major gains, and they are ongoing. They also lead naturally to the next frontier in higher education which is success as measured by impact on students after graduation.  This goal is as appropriate to small liberal arts colleges as to regional and national public flagships with a dual mission of human development and work force development. If college is meant to prepare students to achieve financial viability, find meaning in their human relationships and their work, and contribute to the common good, higher education needs to figure out which experiences during a student’s education are most likely to lead to these life-transformative outcomes.  And it needs to make these experiences available to all students at scale. This is the grand challenge for higher education that animates the work of the Coalition for Life Transformative Education.

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How does college contribute to a purposeful life and well-being?

This is the question a national consortium of higher education institutions is exploring, guided by strong evidence that how you learn in college – in addition to what you learn — influences your identity, agency and purpose in life. The Coalition for Life Transformative Education (CLTE) includes presidents, provosts, faculty and administrators from colleges and universities across the country and a range of institutional types dedicated to improving the long-term flourishing and wellbeing of college graduates. Please join us as we work to build a broad and inclusive network of leaders in higher education who believe that it is our job to ensure that college is a transformational experience that sets our students on a path to success and fulfillment as they construct their lives. The CLTE will be holding a national meeting (with remote options) on March 13 and 14 at Arizona State University. Continue to check this page for upcoming details.

Keynote Speakers

Bill Burnett

Adjunct Professor and the Executive Director of the Life Design Lab at Stanford
  • Executive Director of the Life Design Lab, Stanford
  • Adjunct Professor in Mechanical Engineering – Design at Stanford
  • Founder and Managing Director – the Designing Your Life Institute, Singapore
  • An educator at Stanford since 1984, a popular public speaker (TEDx talk has over 7 million views) and three-time entrepreneur.

Bill Burnett is an Adjunct Professor and the Executive Director of the Life Design Lab at Stanford. He received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering – Product Design at Stanford and has worked in industry and academia ever since.  He teaches in the undergraduate and graduate program in Design as well as classes at the, Stanford’s innovation Institute.  In addition, he has worked in startups and Fortune 100 companies, including seven years at Apple designing award-winning notebook computers and several years in the toy industry designing Star Wars toys.  He advises several startup technology companies started by his students.  He is the founder and Managing Director of the Designing Your Life Institute, an international non-profit that promotes life design skills in Singapore and across South-East Asia.

Bill is also the co-author of Designing Your Life, a New York Times #1 best-seller and a book that captures the lessons from 16 years of teaching the Stanford class of the same name.  In 2020 he co-authored ˆ – the second edition published to address work after the global COVID pandemic – a book that helps you reimagine your life and your job. Both books are based on design thinking and positive psychology and attempt to help people answer the age-old question, “What do I want to be when I grow up?”

Robert Waldinger

Robert Waldinger is Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and directs the Harvard Study of Adult Development

The Harvard Study of Adult Development, one of the longest-running studies of adult life ever done. The Study tracked the lives of 724 men for over 80 years and now studies their Baby Boomer children to understand how childhood experience reaches across decades to affect health and wellbeing in adulthood.  He directs a teaching program in psychotherapy at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, and he writes about what science can teach us about healthy human development.   He is also a Zen master (roshi) and teaches meditation both in the US and internationally. His TED talk on lessons from the longest study of happiness has had over 40 million views and is one of the 10 most viewed TED talks of all time.

As speakers, workshops and news happens, we will be adding to this page.  Check back often to find more information about this event.