How Can an Institution Affiliate with the CLTE?

The CLTE welcomes interested institutions as Affiliates who have demonstrated alignment with our community through the following:


  1. The institution supports at least one faculty-driven educational initiative that is intended to improve the wellbeing of all graduates long after they complete their degree, as described in the CLTE vision and mission statement.
  1. To validate this alignment, the institution provides a written description of the educational initiative which is endorsed by the CLTE project review committee, using a set of general guidelines developed for this purpose.
  1. The institution also participates in the CLTE project assessment program which is currently focused on the two primary factors identified in the Gallup Purdue study of college alumni: (a) effective mentorship, and/or (b) engagement in transformative experiential learning.
  1. The institution participates in sharing the findings and best practices obtained in the campus initiative at the CLTE Annual Conference and elsewhere.
  1. The institution welcomes requests from other institutions to share information on how to replicate or adapt similar initiatives on their campuses.

How Can an Institution Become a Member of the CLTE?

If the President or Provost of an Affiliate Institution publicly expresses endorsement of the CLTE vision and mission statement and is willing to take an active part in shaping the direction and future of the CLTE movement, through participation in CLTE Leaders meetings, participation in the CLTE Annual Conference, and encouragement of faculty engagement with CLTE initiatives, the CLTE will welcome the institution as a Member 

Academic institutions that are Members of the CLTE will have their logo added to the CLTE website, and their academic leaders invited to participate in CLTE Leadership meetings.

For more information about becoming an Affiliate or a Member, please contact us.